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  •                             Disinfect water NO chemicals

  •                             Ultra Violet light Effectively disinfects.

  •                             Ideal for rainwater, caravans, camping

    WS-C-UV. Introducing the "Crystal UV System". The ideal installation to provide valuable protection from dangerous chemicals and impurities found in the normal water supply.

    Suitable for both rural and town application.

    The filter system consists of two reinforced polypropylene housings with a combination of poly spun 5 micron and 1 micron sediment removal cartridges.
    This coupled with the ultraviolet disinfection system for the safe and simple control of bacteria and other micro organisms.
    Rain water collection and storage is typical in many rural applications, with delivery to usage via a pressure pump.
    The quality of water in terms of mineral/chemical content is naturally good, however there is always potential for biological contamination.
    Faecal matter due to birds, possum, etc., on exposed roofs and guttering are likely to contain pathogenic organisms. If tested, this water would be reported as containing "faecal coliform" and this is totally unacceptable for a water supply.
    The most efficient method for treating this is filtration followed by Ultraviolet disinfection.
    Maximum flow rate - 66 lpm
    Inlet / outlet - 50mm FBSP
    Power supply - 240V 50Hz
    Can be configured with a Carbon Cartridge to control Taste & odour & reduce Herbicides & Pesticides.
    A pressure reduction valve should be installed in areas of high pressure (above 690kPa)
    A water hammer arrestor should be installed if water hammer prevails.
    Failure to observe warning will void warranty


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