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    MP-5-C. Mains Connected Drain Free Water Cooler.
    Australia's favourite point of use (pou) water cooler.
    Offers a never ending supply of refreshing hot/cold or cool/cold water.
    They attach directly to your water source and are able to accommodate a variety of filtration/purifications devices.
    The huge 12L reservoir makes it perfect for busy offices and high usage areas.

    MP-GLAC-WH. Glacier White Mains Connected Drain Free
    Available in black or white.
    The Glacier gives Water Specialists more options than ever before.
    One cooler for both applications "bottled or filtered".
    Cool/cold or hot/cold, POU or Bottle Top.

    MP-ALP. Alpine Mains Connected Drain Free.
    Our Alpine series "point of use" (POU) water centres
    Offer a never ending supply of refreshing hot/cold or cool/cold water.
    POU coolers attach directly to a mains water supply and accommodate a variety of filtration devices.
    The Alpine is a "converta-coola". Bottled or filtered options available.


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