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    ACC-CD2. Cup Dispenser Cloud White.
    2 Piece opaque precision feed cup dispenser with bracket.
    Cloud white in colour to match the B5/D5/B9 and B10 series coolers. .

    Installation Fit Kit - 1/4" Tube.
    The simple solution for plumbing water coolers and water filters.
    (1/4') Suitable for dishwasher and braided hose installations.
    Includes 350kpa pressure limiting valve.

    John Guest Quick Connect Fittings.
    We carry a large range of John Guest fittings and accessories for installing water coolers and filter systems

    Convert a Coola" kits.
    Often businesses start off small with a bottled type water cooler.
    As they grow so does their drinking water consumption which usually means buying another water cooler, more bottles or plumbing a system into mains pressure.
    Offer your customers a cost effective "Converta-Coola" option.
    Turn a bottled water cooler into a POU mains...

    Water Block Leak Detection Device.
    The simple ideas are often the best.
    When exposed to water, this little block will cut off the water supply to a leaking appliance, fitting or tube.

    Self Fill Bottle (F-SFB).

    Cost effective great tasting water! This filter bottle is the perfect option where a filtered system is preferred to buying bottles of water.
    Sits neatly on most bottled water coolers.
    Just fill with tap water, the water is then filtered and chilled!

    Replacement Cartridge for Self Fill Bottle (F-RB3C).
    Replacement cartridge for the Waterworks Self fill bottle.
    The easy to install cartridge should be replaced according to manufacturers instructions 3 monthly.


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